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Tips on Taking Disney World Vacations

Disney World vacations can be full of fun, so long as you are careful about several things. First off, when traveling through the Orlando and Kissimmee areas, stick to the major roads; unless you have a good map, a GPS, or are familiar with the roads. The back roads are great for finding cheap hotels and affordable dining and shopping, but they can be confusing if you're unfamiliar with the area. Also, you need to avoid certain roads during certain times. The quickest way to spoil Disney World vacations is by spending hours sitting on the highway. Interstate Four (I-4) is the main travel corridor for the area, and during the early morning and late afternoon rush hour periods, it gets heavily congested. The same is true of US 192, the road that affords the main access to the entrance to Disney World.

Next, when looking to make Disney World vacations as affordable as possible, consider staying up in the Orlando area. Most people associate Orlando with Disney World, but the park is actually in Kissimmee, about a half hour's drive from Orlando. So, the most affordable hotels are those furthest from the park. On the other hand, you can enjoy great food that is really economical, and thus save money on any Disney World vacations by eating right outside the park. The restaurants near the park tend to have the lowest prices, especially the buffets.

If you elect to stay on the Disney property, some Disney World vacations offer you package deals. You get a room at one of their hotels, and tickets to the parks. This can be an economical way to see the parks, especially if you're sure to get Park Hopper tickets. These are the tickets that let you go from one park to the other without paying any additional fee.

Some people don't consider staying in a hotel within Disney World to be very economical, but it has a lot of pluses when it comes to Disney World vacations. While hotels like the Contemporary Resort and Polynesian Resort aren't cheap; the All-Star Resorts are fairly economical. In addition, the Fort Wilderness campground is very affordable. Also, you save time and money on travel to and from the parks, you get to go in early to the parks, and you have a convenient base of operation.

A problem with Disney World vacations is the crowds. By staying in a Disney hotel, you have a way of dealing with that. The largest crowds are in the theme parks during the middle portion of the day, from about ten to five. If you stay in a hotel in Disney, or Fort Wilderness, you can go back to your room/campsite during that time, rest, and have a break. All of these places have pools and recreational areas to keep the kids happy, and they are included at no additional charge. Then, right around the middle of the afternoon, you can head back to one of the parks, all refreshed and ready for Disney World vacations. Meanwhile, the day-trippers are petering out, tired, and about to head home. You can stay right up until the park closes, thus getting the maximum time out of the park. And, with these types of Walt Disney vacations, you're able to get back to your room quickly and conveniently. If you've got a couple of tired and cranky kids, a nice, easy trip to a soft bed is a real plus.

So, when reviewing Disney World vacations, seriously consider staying in the park, or the Orlando area. Accommodations in both areas can be economical is a variety of ways.

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